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When you sign up for a factoring agreement with CBRT Capital, you have access to the best Hotshot Motor Carrier Dispatching Agency (TTFB of Texas) in the industry. 

Our expert dispatchers/Fleet Manager will work tirelessly so you can haul more loads of the best paying freight. 


  • • Find the best loads for your trucking company, eliminating sitting time and deadheading on your hauls. 
  • • Is transparent with you on available freight, preventing you wasting time finding loads you can’t book. 
  • • Book all loads under your MC number so you can build your credit with brokers.
  • • Provide a freight database of 450+ options for you to book the best loads with top freight brokers. 
  • • Will monitor multiple different load boards on your behalf.


  1. • Locate freight that will match your Carrier profile and negotiate the best market rate.
  2. • Upon acceptance of the agreed load, either Consultant or Carrier will email to shipper/broker the Carriers Motor Carriers Authority, NOA, W-9, and Proof of Insurance, or order insurance certificates (if required), along with any other required supporting documentation.
  3. • Establish appointments (if necessary)
  4. • Prepare directions to shipper/consignee (if necessary)
  5. • Assist with any problems within our that arise in the transit of the load according to the terms of the agreement.
  6. • All load information is available to the Carrier at all times; the consultant will retain all dispatch and accessorial information, etc. until the load is completed.  Once completed Consultant will mail all documents to the Carriers, unless the Carriers has chosen for consultant to do the invoicing.  
  7. • If the Carriers chooses to have the consultant process the invoicing, all documents pertaining to the load will remain in the possession of the Consultant until the invoicing is complete.   Afterward, they will be returned to the Carrier.  
  8. • Consultant can process any and all invoicing, collections, etc. for the Carrier. If Additional documentation is necessary. (Agreement specific)