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3 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Dispatching Agent

The world of Trucking Business can be overwhelming at first, especially if you are completely new to this. Before telling you why having a dispatching service is an advantage for your business, always keep this phrase in mind:

¨Doing things right cost less¨

Did you know that every day there are more than 200 new trucking companies opening in the US logistics industry? This figure only tells you that this is one of the fastest growing industries and especially after the pandemic when digitization accelerated. But did you also know that about 60% of these new companies fail in less than 6 months? This is because the vast majority of owner-operators do not have a business mindset, they have a mentality focused on money, and this lack of vision makes them fail. But those who could be profitable over time and grow, are the minority that learns to do things correctly and let themselves be guided by experts. One of the main reasons for success or failure is to have the help of a good factoring company that guarantees you cash flow to cover the daily costs of your business and is also so important to have a dispatcher ally with the correct experience. Clearly, an owner-operator cannot do everything alone, nor is it convenient for him to delegate his business to family or friends who help him without really having no idea of the industry and how to operate profitably. This is where the dispatching services are key because they will guarantee the money that comes into your business weekly.  I will give you 3 reasons why you should have this service in your business and hire experts in the area:

1. The dispatching companies work for you to accomplish your goals by creating customized plans of service just for your business, basically, if you win, they win.

2. A good dispatching service provides services on freight and cargo search, negotiation, and invoicing, is hard for one person to focus on driving and looking for profitable loads, do the negotiation and keep moving.
3. A dispatcher with experience strives to always provide your business with the best loads and rates.

Here in TTFB, it is our priority that you as a commercial driver make top money because if you win, we all win, simple as that.

Now that you know all these advantages, make sure you find a good company with experience, and with cases of success, also make sure that your fees or charges will be with total transparency on each transaction.

Believe me, the companies that continue to generate a good flow of money do so because they are looking for business partners.

If you are interested in having an experienced dispatching service with experience in hotshot trucking, get an online Dispatching Quote or call 469 596 635 Today.